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Immigration procedure smoother and easier
I wanted to pursue my higher education in Australia. Stratix Immigration Consultants helped to make the immigration procedure smoother and easier
Very Good Crowd control
It was indeed a pleasure having Romeo - emcee
good party organizer
good command on language
Totally Destructive decision to invest in this company - It's a Trap Only
Hello Readers,

I had a destructive experience. I invested my 4 years savings in this company. They are trapping down their clients with complete planning. And all this job is executing by their hired brokers. These brokers are the main to trap the clients. I was trapped by one of their lady broker named “Sana” she is a black color Indian lady. For the first time when she met with me she assured me that, I have to open my account with minimum worth of 16000.00$. Because it is their company policy. I told her I have only 13000.00$ for now which is my 4 years savings. She said OK we can start trading with this amount.

I asked her I don’t know anything about trading she said, don’t worry I will buy and sell the positions. I asked her there is any possibility that, I can lose my money she said no she will be responsible for that, Than she assured that there will be minimum 1000.00$ profit within each 15 days. All this conversation was verbally. Anyhow, my greatest misfortune of my life I believed and agreed to invest all my money in “Al Shuaib Financial Brokerage” actually they are transferring these funds to another UAE based company named “Raymount”. Anyhow, before transferring the funds I asked her to give me a draft copy of the agreement. So, I can read in details (now here is the main cheating point). She, denied to give me the draft agreement copy because she said it’s confidential papers cannot give like this. The day when you will transfer funds I will bring the agreement copy with me. You can, read that time and than transfer the funds. But she brought a 100 page agreement. It was not possible to read at the same time and she was not agree to leave that agreement with me.

Anyhow, I have transferred the funds. But all my conversation with that lady (Sana) I have recorded as video in my phone which I have still with me. In which she admitted all the things what she talked and promised to me. She promised that, she will not do trading with all my money at once. But all her talking A to Z was bunch of bull shit. You can say a professional cunning person. When she had lost my first half of the invested money I asked her what you did, she simply said what I can do market is like this. And than she started to blackmail that if you want to save your remaining money you have to invest more otherwise you will loose all your money. I invested around 2000.00$ more but no use. To summarize this don’t even think to invest or especially believe this company’s broker. I lost almost 14000.00$
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